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Hospital Background

Mkula Hospital was established in 1986. It is a voluntary Agency Hospital being run by Africa Inland Church of Tanzania (AICT). The daily Health services are supervised by the Hospital Management Team.

Geographical Location: The Hospital is located about 15kms south of the Speke bay shores in a newly established Busega District in Simiyu Region at an altitude of 020,20,099 N/S and 036,52:519 E/W. The Hospital is about 150kms North East of Mwanza City. From Lamadi Centre which is within the main road from Mwanza city to Musoma municipal Mkula Hospital is 10kms.

Climate- The climate in the area varies from dry to rain season. The rainfall is about 800mm-1000mm per year. Rains season starts from November to April and dry season is from May to October.

Economy- Income of people at Mkula and the surrounding villages basically depends on crops such as cotton, millet, rice and beans. Few people performing fishing activities in Lake Victoria. Also some people live in the area keeps cattles, goats, sheep and chickens. However few people in the area are employees and some deal with small scale businesses.

Communication and Transport- The major means of communications in the area nowadays is through cell phones. Transportation is through roads and the area is accessible through transports such as cars and motor cycles. Many people use bicycles and motor cycles to reach local or major roads.

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