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Health promotion services:Mkula Hospital


In the year 2013/2014 the department had 4 staff; one laboratory Technician, two laboratory assistant technologists and one laboratory attendant. During this financial year the unit managed to perform basic and specialized investigatons with a total number of 43,096 tests; this being the highest number of tests ever performed in our hospital. Safe blood from the Zonal Blood Bank (at Bugando hospital) is still a major challenge because most of the time the Zonal Blood Bank has no enough safe blood to supply the peripheral hospitals.

The hospital has its own committee which ensures availability of safe blood and the blood is given free of charge to all patients who require blood transfusions. During this financial year 76 units of blood from zonal Blood Bank were received , and the actual need was 2247 units.


The pharmacy unit is very well organized and arranged; room temperature is maintained by an air conditioner machine. Every month the drugs and medical supplies committee sits and proves orders prepared by the pharmacist in charge. This committee ensures availability of funds, drugs and supplies to the hospital throughout a year. It also monitors all drugs and supplies purchased to be used accordingly.

preventive services:Mkula Hospital
Pharmaceutical Technician arranging Medicines accordingly

Radiology Department

It has been four years now since our old X-rays machine being not in use. Efforts to purchase a new machine have been made. If plans go accordingly, by the end of this year or early next year the Hospital expects to receive a new one. Currently, the only service offered into this department is ultrasound examinations. In the year 2013/2014, the number of patients who received ultrasound services were male: 355 and female: 306

Care and Treatment Clinic (CTC)

The clinic is very well established and known to the community. Home visits are made for the purpose of giving Home Basic care.

Way forward

-Commitment to home based care and community sensitization

-To strengthen linkage between CTC and other stake holders within the hospital and outside, especially to the community including religious, NGO, traditional healers and local leaders

-To increase quality of standard of our services

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