Preventive Services

The preventive services programme is divided into:
preventive services:Mkula Hospital

i.The reproductive and child health (RCH) Services

Services in this department are offered free of charge. The department is always busy with under five children attending for monthly body weight examinations and receiving immunizations. Also, pregnant mothers attending their regular antenatal clinics. In every month five days are reserved for outreach clinics within service area.

Other services offered to this department include: family planning, screening HIV and Syphilis to all pregnant women and giving regular health educations. Those who needs special attention are referred to doctors and others admitted in the wards.

ii.School Health Programme

The hospital conducts health promotion to primary and secondary schools within its service area. In the year 2013/2014, 5 visits were made to 5 schools. Tetanus (TT) immunization to girls at bearing age were done; ant schistosomoasis drugs given, Health education on HIV and AIDS preventive measures was given.

preventive services:Mkula Hospital
School pupils listening to Health Education on HIV prevention and control to Health provider
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